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Krista's    Family   Day   Care
"Where children explore the world at their own pace."


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Let's Eat!

Meals are of high importance in my home. I participate in the child nutrition program in San Diego County. I make every attempt to provide balanced and nutritious meals that your child will enjoy.

Our daily menu is as follows (note that we serve age-appropriate meals):

Breakfast: served until 9:30 am
Two snacks daily
Lunch is served at 11:30 am

If your child has any special dietary needs, please inform us so that we can accommodate him or her.


Quick Quips: 

"Snacks are where the bulk of their [small children] calories come from. . . Parents. . .should be making those bites count."

- Barbara Gordon, pediatric clinical dietician

"Teaching children the importance of eating fruits and vegetables will help them to become healthy, strong adults."

- Children's Nutrition Research Center



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